Bringing the business and professional community together for a morning of spiritual renewal and reflection in a non-threatening and open environment.


By bringing all segments of the Olathe Community together to share in a morning of worship and praise, we provide an opportunity to connect with one another in Thanksgiving. We share and give thanks for all that we have and all that we can accomplish together in our community. Our faith-based community, civic, educational, business and government leaders become one


  • Inclusion of members and leaders from the faith community, civic organizations, businesses, education, local and state government
  • Recognizing the human need to be of service while working together in friendship, fellowship and harmony with one another
  • Lifting up attendees in a non-denominational, non-threatening open environment so that all can come together in worship and paraise
  • Providing a spiritual and motivational message for attendees
  • Encouraging a spirit of giving for those less fortunate who need our assistance through our daily involvement in our community.
  • Providing attendees a take-away of a shared sense of spiritual renewal for themselves and for those around them.

Note: no mention of political parties or denominations will be allowed.